Saturday, 11 November 2017


PPB Performance Assembly.  Friday the 24th of November.  Parents welcome!

A note went home last week outlining the costume your child will require.  If you did not receive this for some reason... then please see me ASAP.
Some children have small readings to do.  They will be sent home tomorrow (Monday 13th) to practise.

Multicultural Immersion Day.
This term we have been looking at cultures other than our own.  The children have shown a lot of interest in 'The World' and we feel this is important to follow up on their inquiry  as there are very few cultures other than "Aussie" represented here at OLC.  As we all know this is not the case in larger towns and cities any more and our children need to be aware of and tolerant to traditions and customs other that the ones we have here in our little town of Dunsborough.
On Thursday the 30th of November between 9am and 11am we will have a special "Around the World Day".  For this occasion we would like to set up a number of 15 minute activities that will give the children a glimpse into other cultures.  We have already secured a spot for Spanish castanet playing and a Spanish Dance presentation.  We would love some parent volunteers to share their knowledge of another country with us.  Art/craft, cooking, dance, music, games and activities that last for about 15 minutes would be perfect. It would be especially good if this activity is drawn from your own cultural heritage and you could share your connection with this country to the children.
If you would like to be helper on the day but don't wish to prepare an activity then please let us know too.
To make it extra special it would be great if the children could dress in clothes from another country.  I know this is a bit of an ask straight after assembly costumes and Book Week Costumes but they don't have to be fancy.  A simple addition of a beret would make a 'French Connection' or the Chinese PJs would be lots of fun too.  Try and use what you have.

Chinese Restaurant and Simmo's Excursion. Fun! Fun! Fun!

My apologies for the late post of our Chinese Restaurant photos.  This has been my first weekend at home this month as I have had a very sick mum who has needed me on the weekends! Thankfully she is now on the mend and I can return to routine.
Oh what fun we had at the Chinese Restaurant!  Nearly all of the children tried something new and every child enjoyed their icecream at Simmo's.  All children were very well behaved and we were proud to take out and about in Dunsborough.
Here are some photos.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Repost Assembly Change of Date. Excursion Information.

Assembly Change of Date. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances the date for the PPB Performance Assembly has been changed to Friday the 24th of November.  This is the Friday of Week 7.
Our apologies if this inconveniences anyone.
A note about costumes will come out in week 5.

All children will be travelling by bus on Thursday the 2nd of November to have lunch at the Dunsborough Chinese Restaurant.  We will then go out to Simmos for some Gelato.
The four parents who have volunteered to attend this excursion will need to be at school by 11.05 am to catch the bus with us. 
All costs are covered by our school excursion allowance.
A note went home to be signed so that we know that you know where your child will be on Thursday.  Sadly some people are not reading the BLOG or messages sent home.   You must have returned this note, signed, in order for your child to attend.

Thank you,
Julie Birch

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Chinese Restaurant visit.

Dear Parents,
On Thursday the 2nd of November all Pre primary students will travel by bus to the Dunsborough Chinese restaurant for lunch. After lunch we will go on to Simmo’s Icecreamery for a Gelato.  This excursion will support our learning this term. 
We will leave at 11.15am and return to school at roughly 1.30pm.
If your child has food allergies or is unlikely to eat Chinese then please pack a lunch for them. (Every child had Chinese last year and loved it. )
Four only parent helpers will be required from each classroom.  Please see your classroom teachers if you are able to assist.
Kind regards,

Pre primary Teachers.  

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Performance Assembly - CHANGE OF DATE

Dear Parents,
Due to unforeseen circumstances the date for the PPB Performance Assembly has been changed to Friday the 24th of November.  This is the Friday of Week 7. 
Our apologies if this inconveniences anyone.
A note about costumes will come out in week 5. 
Julie Birch 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Literature in Mathematics.

Literature is a great kick off point for mathematics.  This week we have been doing some major problem solving.
We read the story of Ping by Majorie Flack.

Ping has a mum, a dad, three sisters, two brothers, eleven aunts, seven uncles and forty two cousins. 
That's a lot of ducks! We thought it might get a bit smelly on their boat.
We wanted to know how many ducks altogether so we got to work to solve the problem.

We recorded our findings by colouring the groups of ducks and counting all of the ducks. 
How many do you think?
Don't forget to count Ping!!

Reading Writing Parent Information Night

Just a reminder that the information night for Reading and Writing is TOMORROW evening at 6pm.  We strongly recommend that you attend and promise that we won't keep you longer than an hour!
See you there!